Monday, January 19, 2015

A Little Bit Of This...A Little Bit Of That...

Quilters are the most generous and caring people I know.  The President of our Quilt Guild "The Black Swamp Quilters" is having a challenge every month.  She has asked each of us to make a string block each month in memory of her sister who passed away last year of cancer.  January is blue and for February the color is pink.  I can only imagine how beautiful the quilts will be when they are completed.  Belonging to a quilt group has been the best thing for my quilting spirit.

Recently a kind lady brought me a box of fabric she has had for years from a good friend.   Some of these antique fabrics are at least 100 years old.   I am identifying the fabrics I can, preserving them, and sharing with friends.  What a joy I was given...I must give these fabrics a new life.

Winter was beautiful in our area recently. I try to take time to enjoy the natural beauty around me, even when work takes over and life gets so busy.  Winter provides some of the most stunning natural  artwork imaginable.  Last winter we rode our snowmobiles on Lake Superior to Grand Island and saw the most beautiful ice sculptures I have ever seen in my life.  I was so nervous to ride on the lake, but it was -19 below and the ice was 19 inches thick.  A sweet lady encouraged me to go, she said it was a rare opportunity to see such beauty and I should take a chance...I am so glad I did!

I will share more of this beautiful adventure in future posts.
Happy Winter!
Jenna Louise


  1. Here you are! Took a round a bout way to get here! Love your photos and quilting!!!

  2. Glad you found m e Marva! It's great to be back and blogging again!


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